What to Look for in an Open Kitchen Design

Open kitchen designs are great for opening up the kitchen area and creating more space for food preparation and socialization. When designed correctly, they can maximize your capacity for efficiency, storage and entertainment. Take a look at what to look for in an open kitchen design if you’re thinking about remodeling your own home or when you’re looking at Fleetwood Real Estate homes. Continue reading

Surrey Sees 36% Average Property Valuation Assessment Increase

Dumbfounded by what she saw on her yearly property valuation assessment, Margo Wood of South Surrey vowed to appeal the assessment for the first time ever. A rental property she owns in White Rock jumped 70 per cent in value — from $614,600 at the beginning of 2016 to $1,041,800 now.

Facing a bigger tax burden and other pressures associated with an inflating home value, Wood decided to fight back.

“I’m going to appeal it. It’s such a ridiculous increase.”

Wood is not alone in Surrey, where property values increased 36 percent on average according to Surrey-White Rock’s MLA, Gordon Hogg. The jump has no doubt startled many owners of Fleetwood real estate, and it could affect many people’s decision to buy or sell in the area for many reasons. Continue reading

B.C. Starts Low Interest Loan Program to Help First-Time Home Buyers

Even with the foreign buyer tax in place, housing prices in Metro Vancouver on average remain quite high and are getting higher. Simply put, housing units in metro Vancouver are in great demand but short supply.

But the same tax that aims to make properties more expensive to foreign investors is now helping make homes more accessible to first-time buyers. According to CTV News in Surrey, qualifying buyers will be able to secure 25 year loans matching the owner’s down payment funds up to $37,500. These loans will be payment-free and interest-free for the first five years.

This program comes as ecstatic news for those entering the Fleetwood real estate market for the first time and looking for a way to stretch their current savings further. Continue reading

Enjoy the Fleetwood Recreation Facilities this Winter

 It’s already gotten pretty cold out there in Fleetwood. Families have begun to limit their outdoor activities in response, preferring to bundle up indoors when possible.

Fortunately, those who live on Fleetwood real estate have countless opportunities for fun, healthy physical and cultural indoor activities within our many community programs. The Fleetwood Community Centre alone offers an extensive list of possibilities in Surrey’s 2016-2017 Winter Recreation Guide. These choices include sports like basketball, classes like cooking lessons, activities like clay modeling and a variety of senior activities.

At the Surrey Sports & Leisure Complex, also located in Fleetwood, residents can enjoy swimming in the 50m indoor pool or skating on one of three full-size hockey rinks. There are also special events going on all throughout the season, so do not miss your many opportunities to have fun this winter! Continue reading

Different Types of Homes in the Fleetwood Real Estate Market

With so much variety in today’s housing and real estate markets, it can sometimes make for a difficult decision as to what type of home you should look into. Each type, from houses to apartments to townhouses, offers unique advantages. They offer a variety of living spaces and comfort levels that appeal to different people. Take a look at some of the many option in the Fleetwood real estate market below and see which one best fits your housing needs. Continue reading

Things to Do in Fleetwood

One of the many aspects to consider when choosing a new city to relocate to is the entertainment options. While it may not be as pressing as school districts or safety, having access to community events and city life are still important. If Fleetwood is on your short list, here are some of the exciting activities that you can do in Fleetwood and the greater Surrey area. Continue reading

Details You Need to Check When Buying an Older Home

Buying an older home can be an exciting venture into history and nostalgia as you explore the unique qualities of a house that has stood the test of time. It is important, however, not to allow the charm of antiquity to distract you from properly evaluating your potential purchase. It would be a shame to buy your dream house only to discover you need to invest even more money in unexpected repairs. Fleetwood Real Estate wants you to be prepared when hunting for an older home, so here is a list of details any thoughtful home buyer should check before signing that final deed: Continue reading

Five Methods For Increasing Your ROI

There are plenty of simple ways to ensure you’re getting the most money possible when you are selling your house. Not sure how? Follow these five tips to increase your ROI!

1. Keep Up With Maintenance

When you know you’re selling your property, it can be tempting to overlook seemingly arduous maintenance projects. How easy it would be to just pick up and move out! However, your return on investment depends on the quality of your home, so be sure not to let these tasks slide.

Take care of smaller projects like cleaning the gutters, mowing the lawn, and maintaining large trees with branches that might pose a danger to the property. Then do your research and consider investing in the pricier ventures like replacing your roof, checking on your septic system, and making sure your furnace is in acceptable condition. Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Families Should Move to Fleetwood

Fleetwood is a constantly growing area that is appealing to newlyweds and families with children, alike. Fleetwood, located in Surrey, is a welcoming place that more than 50,000 people get the pleasure of calling home. The neighbourhood is so appealing to many because of the surrounding area, along with its incomparable beauty.

This area keeps people of all ages entertained with the many things there are to do, as well as a variety of restaurants and shops belonging to the neighbourhood, and a highly desirable climate. The following are just a few of the reasons why we believe raising a family in Fleetwood could be a great decision for you and yours. Continue reading