When you buy a new home, you do not just think about the house itself but the whole neighbourhood. A neighbourhood would not be complete without dining options. Fleetwood offers plenty of cafés and restaurants, including chains and local eateries. Whether you want to eat casual food or enjoy fine dining, there is something for you.

Fine Dining

Visit Edith & Arthur Public House, a pub with a selection of more than a dozen beers on tap and 25 craft beers. It is named after Arthur Thomas Fleetwood, the community’s namesake.

The Palmer Room at Northview Golf & Country Club in Fleetwood offers delicious steaks, seafood and chicken. For a contemporary bistro experience, go to Bistro 72 -offers live music, a full bar and fresh meat, seafood and pasta. This chic, refined dining experience in Surrey is one you will not want to miss.

Casual Dining

If you have a taste for fresh, healthy food, Be’wiched Café is the perfect choice. It uses as few preservatives and additives as possible. Most of their food is made from scratch in their kitchen.

Another nearby restaurant is Chopsticks on Pho, a Vietnamese restaurant in Surrey. Have some of this hearty, herbal soup on cold days to warm your insides.

If you enjoy more laid-back eateries, Fresh Restaurant & Lounge is the place to go. Its food comes from local growers and producers, so they are supporting the Surrey economy. The menu changes themes each week from Italian to Asian to seafood, so you will never get bored.

If you cannot start your day without coffee, check out Good Day Sunshine Cafe in South Surrey. Complement your chai latte with live music or open mic, and stay for the painting workshop. There are all kinds of entertainment here.

Ethnic Dining

Take your family to Chef’s Kebab, an Indian cuisine restaurant in Fleetwood, for a flavorful dining experience with exotic fresh ingredients Kebabs that granted them a certificate of excellence on Trip Advisor.

Also Chilli House on Fraser highway is a great choice for a fusion Indian Style Chinese Food, Edward is a great host/owner.

If you like Filipino dishes, Cucina Manila offers Filipino cuisine in North Surrey.

Pelagos Greek Restaurant is on the ocean-front in South Surrey. Enjoy Greek-style food while taking in spectacular views.

Bar and Grill

Eaglequest Golf Course Creekside Grill is the perfect place for people who like to relax and eat a light meal. Watch sports on television, or have a casual conversation with the person sitting next to you. Whether you order beer, wine or food, you will be well taken care of.

Drink and socialize at Jack’s Public House. Choose from dry ribs, Thai chili chicken, a butter chicken flatbread or pierogis and chorizo, among other mouthwatering food options.

With so many options, it is hard to get bored while dining in Fleetwood. Contact me, to get you a house near those delicious restaurants!

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